Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow

Vanessa Barboni Hallik founded Another Tomorrow in 2018 to create a sustainable source of finance, while also actively educating and amplifying the voices of the sustainable and transparent garment industry.

Another Tomorrow provides transparency on their operations, sources of materials and function pertaining to animal, environmental and human welfare. All this information can be found on their website.

Another Tomorrow has programs such as the Authenticated Resale platform and the Size Exchange program.

The Authenticated Resale platform allows shoppers to sell After Tomorrow products back to the store and receive cash or store credit. This satisfies a closed-loop system of production, minimizing clothing waste and recycling and reusing fabrics and materials.

Their Size Exchange program began by allowing shoppers a single change of size per eligible item within one year of that item’s purchase. This is to allow a garment’s lifespan to expand and live out its usefulness.