A Closed Loop fashion system that keeps clothes out of the landfill for good

Founders Kristy Caylor and Mary Saunders ventured into the fashion industry to make a sustainable brand in 2018 with ForDays.

Following a career with GAP Inc., Caylor and Saunders learned about the vast amount of waste accumulated from the fashion industry and set out to make a difference.

ForDays is a zero-waste, closed-loop company with a SWAP program that allows shoppers to send back used clothing to be upcycled into new products in a Take Back Bag. This bag can be filled with clothing from any brand, in any condition. The shopper is rewarded with store credit when items are returned. This is to help divert potential clothing waste from landfills.

For Days makes sustainability accessible with price, style, and size that welcome participation from anyone and everyone.

We interviewed ForDays founder Kristy Caylor for our sister podcast, Who's Saving the Planet. You can listen to the full interview here