Laws of Motion

Laws of Motion

Using Data Science to Put Fit First

Carly Bigi founded Laws of motion with the belief that "women shouldn't have to sacrifice time or money for a highly-tailored aesthetic." Guided by that north star, Carly built a new-age fashion company which uses data science, interaction with each customer individually, and a set of algorithms developed to map women to their perfect size. 

Laws of Motion leverages a personalized quiz to select the right fit from over 180 micro-sizes, laser cutting each garment to order and achieving the right fit on the first try over 95% of the time. Through their zero-waste cutting technology eliminates excess fabric and by sizing the garments correctly the first time returns are dramatically reduced, which collectively minimizes waste in their production and supply chain. 

Before founding Laws of Motion Carly was working 80 hours a week as a management consultant. The idea for the company was born of her experience shopping for clothes with a male friend, who after "30 minutes selecting fabric, getting measured and sipping whiskey," was delivered a custom suit to his door within three days. She looked for a similarly efficient, cost-effective and consumer centric idea for women's wear, and finding none, built it her self. 

As Carly says, "clothes that fit shouldn't be a revolutionary idea, but hey, equal pay shouldn't be either." 

We recorded a podcast with Carly Bigi through our sister organization Who's Saving the Planet. Listen to the full story of how Laws of Motion was born here