A Better Beanie

Meet A Better Beanie 2.0: The best Better Beanie yet. Knit from 100% Italian Merino Wool leftover yarns, they're naturally moisture-wicking, insulating, temperature-regulating, odor-resistant, and breathable, with natural elastic qualities for added durability. Zero plastics or synthetics, just the way we like it. Knit in a Rib Construction, guaranteeing better stretch and recovery over time. If it ever feels stretched out, give it a wash to restore its natural shape.

Locally made in NYC. We've minimized our carbon footprint on this style by rescuing fashion industry leftovers, using 100% natural yarns and by manufacturing locally. The perfect knit hat to keep you cosy and help curb climate change by keeping waste out of landfills. Available in 16 limited edition colors.