Abnoba Mons

The Black Forest, or Abnoba Mons, is an enchanted forest in Germany linked to tales of mythical creatures and sinister happenings. The dense forest is thought to be the inspiration for the Brothers Grimms’ embellished versions of old German lore.

This night-black organic tee features a moon rising over a hazy horizon, peaking through the trees.

Designed for comfort in all of life's adventures. A relaxed, ultra-soft organic cotton tee that's great for everyday wear: your go-to worry-free style that's made to live-in.

•    Silky smooth, breathable organic cotton

•    Medium-weight jersey

•    Rib trimmed crewneck and cuffs

•    Straight-hem bottom

•    Relaxed, comfy. all-gender fit

•    Nature-inspired front and sleeve design