Bertha Vegan Ankle Boot

Bertha Black vegan ankle boot with flaps, zipper fastening and anti-slip chunky sole made from sustainable vegan leather.

Bertha Black, the zipper fastening ankle boots with flaps, made with high-quality vegan leather; a sustainable, innovative, water-resistant, light, durable and cruelty-free material. These timeless and minimalist ankle boots have a front zipper joining two flaps over the tongue at the center, giving them a smart and elegant look and making it easier to put them on.

This model has a slip-resistant sole with deep ridges, with welt stitching around the edge for a casual and functional look, and a bootstrap to help to pull them on. Free from dangerous environmental toxin materials. They are hypoallergenic, breathable (preventing suffocation and excessive foot sweat), antibacterial (which helps prevent odors) and have a padded moisture wicking EVA footbed. All of this makes them very comfortable for everyday wear without you having to worry about getting blisters.

These versatile ankle boots are perfect for every occasion, and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The Bertha are the perfect match between style and comfort.