Classic Merino Wool Crewneck

This slim fit crewneck sweater is lightweight and breathable, meaning it's the perfect piece not only for warmer months, but is also the ideal layering piece through winter. Spun from super-fine merino wool, this timeless piece is designed to last for years to come. 

Material:  100% merino wool.

Material Origin  -  Australian merino wool is world-renowned for its softness and strength but less well-known for being 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable. This wool supplier is certified by Woolmark, awarded to suppliers for their attention to the well-being of the sheep and protection of the flocks' grazing land.

Material Details  -  This fabric is known for its silky smooth feel, often referenced as being similar to cashmere in its softness. It is also known for its versatility, being both warm and breathable, making it the perfect layering fabric all year round.

Production Story  -  On the hunt for a premium, bespoke wool and cashmere supplier, we were immediately won over by this small and dedicated team. Founded in 2003 in Shanghai as a joint venture between Ms. Huang and the Suzhou factory owner, Mr. Wang, together they have been designing and developing premium knits for 30 years. They are laser-sharp focused on sourcing only the finest, raw materials and producing in small batches for customers all over the world.


Public Habit is a made-to-order clothing company specializing in high end wool and cashmere products. Fashion, as we know it, is built on a model of planned obsolescence: items either go out of style or break down, forcing the customer to continuously refresh their wardrobe and further perpetuating the wasteful machine of commerce. Founder and CEO Sydney Badger is flipping that model on its head by only making clothes after the consumer has ordered them, reducing returns, virtually eliminating overstocked inventory, and allowing for optimization of material use and supply chain dynamics by shipping directly from factory to consumer.