Classic Wool Coat

Made from insulating Australian merino wool, this cardigan-style coat drapes beautifully. The enveloping fit is loose enough to layer over chunky knits but looks just as good over fitted tops and bottoms. Bound to become a wardrobe favorite, throw it over any chosen on- or off-duty attire for an effortless look from fall through spring.

Material:  100% merino wool.

Material Origin  -  These classic coats are spun with pure Australian merino wool, known for its fineness, soft hand-feel, warmth, and strength. In order to create beautiful outerwear that can stand up to the elements for many years to come, this supplier boils the wool to shrink it up to as much as 40%, using recycled water in their Shanghai-based factory. The process of shrinking wool is highly technical and requires close oversight during production. After years of research and development, this supplier has continuously optimized the production process to ensure stable product quality over time.

This Shanghai-based factory was founded in 2003 by Mr. Wang. Specializing in bespoke, small-batch premium wool pieces, they design exclusively in-house. Their attention to detail extends to all aspects of their production process, from fabric sourcing to garment assembly and quality control.


Public Habit is a made-to-order clothing company specializing in high end wool and cashmere products. Fashion, as we know it, is built on a model of planned obsolescence: items either go out of style or break down, forcing the customer to continuously refresh their wardrobe and further perpetuating the wasteful machine of commerce. Founder and CEO Sydney Badger is flipping that model on its head by only making clothes after the consumer has ordered them, reducing returns, virtually eliminating overstocked inventory, and allowing for optimization of material use and supply chain dynamics by shipping directly from factory to consumer.