Everyday Stripe Light Crew

The Everyday Stripe Crew is a tee that’s made from other tees. Created using 100% recycled fabric, this classic striped shirt is a zero-waste closet must-have. Grab everybody’s favorite print for those days when you want to up your casual looks.

Fit:  A trim crewneck tee with the right amount of room. True to size.

Material:  Our Everyday Stripe collection is made with 100% recycled fabrics. We combined 47% recycled cotton with 53% recycled polyester to make the most sustainable tee on record. Join us in working towards a zero-waste fashion world. We’re here to help you make your everyday greener.

Zero waste. 100% recyclable fashion. Organic and recycled cottons. Non-toxic dyes. Earn closet cash with your purchase. Wear. Tear. Stain. Stretch. When you’re ready, swap out the old and use your closet cash toward your new For Days crush. This is closed-loop fashion.