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Coton's best skirt is back and better than ever. Classic A-line mini skirt. Zipper at left side. This genuine leather was reclaimed from a NY based luxury designer as it was headed to the landfill. Available in 4 colors of python leather plus soft, shiny black patent leather. 

Fit:   Classic A-line mini skirt.

Material:  reclaimed leather 

Coton doesn't make it until you order! Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be handmade in New York City.

Coton garments are made using the leftover materials from luxury brands across Europe, reducing our collective carbon footprint while creating an exclusively unique offering. 

Every scrap of fabric created through our production process is either used to create new products (accessories collection coming soon!) or recycled responsibly.

By partnering with an innovative, female-owned factory located in the heart of Manhattan, we have full transparency into our worker’s welfare and safety, paying them a living wage - not just a minimum wage.

Free mending services are offered on all of Coton's garments within a year after purchasing, and special redesign and remake services are offered for products that just aren’t doing it for you.

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Coton is the brainchild and labor of love from two MBA grads and sisters in law, Elizabeth and Alyssa Blankenship. In their words, "Coton is a fully sustainable luxury fashion brand with a focus on utilizing existing materials to deliver premium clothing while also reducing both the company and consumer's collective carbon footprint." Through reclaiming already made textiles they are able to divert material that would go to the landfill and partner with trusted manufacturer in NYC to create made-to-order luxury pieces.