Hand Painted Silk Skirt

The hand painted A-line long skirt is a treasure to own for endless time and pass it down the generations. Inspired by an ancient painting technique called Thangka art, a Tibetan Buddhist painting style. The artists are from Sikkim, a beautiful Himalayan state of India.

The ocean with mild waves building into powerful ones, the lotus sitting calm despite the storm and the phoenix rising to the colorful skies are the elements in this hand painted skirt. Indeed a treasure worthy couture piece.


AGAATI derived from the Sanskrit word Agati means "Origin", arrival or arising. Each one-of-a-kind design is crafted by either founder Saloni Shrestha herself or the network of skilled artisans who work with AGAATI, ensuring that fair labor practices, ethical treatment and respect for artisan work is woven into each garment. Their approach to sustainably sourcing materials has four key dimensions: natural fibre, zero waste philosophy, zero toxic chemicals and vegan principles