Kaneko Shirt

/ 100 Z-Score

The Kaneko Shirt is a v-neck, button-down with long sleeves. 

Material:  100% linen. This shirt features mother of pearl buttons and a beautiful box pleat in the back.

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Gina Stovell has been called many things: climate scientists, onetime geological consultant, sustainability evangelists (that's me who called her that, not a title she'd give herself), entrepreneur, and, most recently, pioneer of the resurgence of flow fashion. Every item from Two Days Off is made to order from deadstock fabric that has already been constructed but left unused. According to their site, "this means the lead time for made-to-order garments is at least 4 weeks.During that time we cut, sew, and finish each garment with a close eye for detail and quality. For our small-batch runs, pieces are often limited edition, meaning just you and a few others will own it."