Oversized Men's Shirt

Our oversized 100% organic cotton button-front classic-cuffed shirt is given shape by two darts which create a cocoon effect.

Material:  100% organic cotton

Material Origin  -  An Italian yarn company sources GOTS certified organic cotton from the United States.

Material Journey  -  The cotton is spun into yarn in Anhui, China. The yarn is then sent to the mill in Alibno, Italy where it is woven into fabric. The fabric is dyed and finished in Brebbia, Italy. Once complete, the fabric is sent to the factory in Correzzola, Italy. First automatic cutting is done in a smaller atelier nearby. The cut pieces are sent back to the factory where the sewing takes place. The final step is precision ironing, which again takes place at a specialist facility nearby. 

Manufacturing  -  This shirt was made in a thirty-four-year old factory of fourteen people owned and operated by a husband and wife team. Their daughter also works at the factory and several of the team have been with them for over twenty years. Each stage of manufacturing is handled by specialists- cutting and ironing take place at very small facilities of four to six people nearby. The Another Tomorrow team has visited the facility three times and have ensured that working conditions are safe and comfortable and that employees are paid at minimum a living wage. 

Animal Welfare  -  Organic cotton avoids chemical fertilizers and pesticides and their adverse impact on ecosystems, water, soil as well as animal and human health. 

Environmental Welfare  -  The organic cotton for this shirt was sourced according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. In addition, the mill adheres to European REACH chemical management standards and has agreed to our ZDHC-based restricted substances list.