Panthera Herringbone Shacket

Made from a sleek, black and grey herringbone fabric, inspired by panthers' iridescent fur.

Premium, heavyweight blanket shirt developed to combine the classic style of fuzzy flannel and the signature silky-feel of a Happy Earth tee. Designed for ultimate comfort, it's a soothing heavier weighted fabric - a comfort blanket you can wear. Warm and versatile, this shacket (shirt-jacket) is the wardrobe essential you'll be living in all season long. Softer, greener, and sleeker than it's contemporaries, the patterned fabric is carefully aligned along pockets and sleeves so you look as good as you feel.

•    100% organic cotton fabric

•    Beautiful herringbone outer layer

•    Lined with our signature organic cotton jersey

•    Roomy chest pockets and side pockets

•    Relaxed, comfy. all-gender fit

•    Buttons made from Indian Rosewood