The Cashmere Crewneck

A timeless crew-neck sweater with a regular, slightly boxy fit. With subtle piping details at the shoulders, sleeves and hem, this piece adds a little something extra to the classic silhouette and is sure to become one of your most trusted, and longest-lasting, wardrobe staples.

Fit:  Classic Crewneck fit with a slightly boxy fit. 

Material:   100% cashmere.

Material Origin  -  Designed for longevity, this extra-fine, pure cashmere originates from goats in the alpine provinces of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Qinghai. This region's cashmere is known for its fineness, durability, and for being incredibly soft to the touch. Our yarn supplier is one of the largest in the world, known for their strict quality control and ongoing efforts to minimize water waste in their production processes using ever-advancing technology. Every individual roll of yarn is tested one-by-one to ensure the fineness, length, and strength before production begins.

This family-run factory based in Ningbo, China is one of the premier sweater manufacturers in the region with over 30 years experience. Their advanced knitting capabilities enable them to develop custom pieces within five days, minimizing waste and producing exactly what their customers want at extraordinary speed. Their facility is certified as pollution-free due to their water recycling program and use of exclusively all-natural materials.


Public Habit is a made-to-order clothing company specializing in high end wool and cashmere products. Fashion, as we know it, is built on a model of planned obsolescence: items either go out of style or break down, forcing the customer to continuously refresh their wardrobe and further perpetuating the wasteful machine of commerce. Founder and CEO Sydney Badger is flipping that model on its head by only making clothes after the consumer has ordered them, reducing returns, virtually eliminating overstocked inventory, and allowing for optimization of material use and supply chain dynamics by shipping directly from factory to consumer.