Single Button Jacket

Our peaked lapel single button blazer with silhouette-enhancing nipped waist in seasonless custom-made merino wool soft to the touch and sourced to the farm.

Material:  Merino wool 

Material Origin  -  Shelley and Chris shear their flock in August and September as Tasmania heads into Spring. Another Tomorrow purchases the wool directly from the farm in September. The wool is transported first to Melbourne and then to Genova, Italy by boat, arriving in Genova in January. It is then scoured and cleaned in Verrone. The clean wool is spun into yarn, woven, dyed, and finished in Valle Mosso.

Material Journey -  The finished fabric is sent along with the cupro lining, sourced from Osaka, Japan by a mill in Gallarate, and self-covered buttons, made in Filastro, Italy to the atelier in Fasano. After passing our quality control examination, our team scans its unique QR code to link it to its provenance data and consolidates its shipment for export. From the moment the wool is shorn to finished garment, the process takes roughly a year.

Manufacturing Details  -  This jacket was made in a family-owned factory of 22 people, founded in 1962. The owners take particular pride in their investments in both technical education for their staff and in the latest machinery. The Another Tomorrow team have visited the facility to ensure that working conditions are safe and comfortable and that employees are paid at minimum a living wage. This factory does not engage in any sub-contracting.

Animal Welfare  -  We chose to source this wool from Shelley and Chris's farm as their compassionate approach goes well beyond the requirements of their Responsible Wool Standard certification. The RWS certification ensures that the farm does not practice mulesing, a common industry practice whereby pieces of skin are removed from the sheep, often without anesthetic, and also guarantees that the sheep are accorded the "Five Freedoms". Shelley, a former nurse, has also chosen not to dock the sheep's tails, and to use a cover-comb to prevent skin injury to the sheep during shearing.

Environmental Welfare  -  The fabric of this garment was made in accordance with European REACH chemical management standards. The mill has undergone an audit by our chemicals consultant and has agreed to our ZDHC-based restricted substances list. The high quality of this jacket is an important aspect of its environmental footprint. The majority of clothing purchased is disposed of within a year. We hope this remains a part of your wardrobe for life.