The Carry-on Kit

Travel essentials so you can go carry-on only on your next vacation.Meet the Carry-on Kit. Three of our MOST versatile, transformative styles ever. The Carry-on kit features our infamous Dressy Sweatpants, easy to dress up or down and extremely plane-outfit friendly, as well as our 8-in-1 Evolve Top and 8-in-1 Chrysalis Cardi. Think of all of the clothing you won't have to bring, thanks to just these three items! Made from sustainably-soft, breathable fabrics, you'll reach for these beyond just vacation-time, we know it.Choose your size, fabric and colour in the 8-in-1 Evolve Top

Choose your size, fabric, inseam and colour in the comfy Dressy Sweatpants

Choose your size, and colour in the 8-in-1 Chrysalis Cardi

You'll automatically save 20% OFF at checkout. Then, get ready to pack lighter on your next adventure!