Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to raise the standard of doing business.

Knowing the truth about the stuff we buy shouldn’t be such a novel concept. When we know more, we choose better and those choices add up. Right now, too many big brands and businesses hide behind vague or false sustainability claims. That leaves us, you, and everyone else confused and making decisions in the dark. 

You deserve clear, trustworthy, and actionable information to inform where your money goes. The Z-Score was created to bring transparency to commerce so we can align our values with our choices. 

United By Zero encourages you to support brands that align with your values. Buy products built to last. Then recycle the hell out of them. 

Shop with conviction.



Lex Kiefhaber, Founder and CEO



Nic Mendoza, Head of Product and CTO



The Podcast that Started It All

Like every good story, this one begins with a question: "Who's saving the planet?" And like every question since 2018, someone decided to make a podcast about it. Lex and his co-host Tony Noto, later joined by Jessica Miles, launched the "Who's Saving the Planet" podcast in April of 2020 to explore, highlight, and amplify the stories of people working to combat the climate crisis, while lifting up communities and developing groundbreaking technology along the way. About 30 episodes in, Lex noticed a pattern of complaints from founders of consumer focused companies: it's almost impossible to differentiate their genuinely sustainable products from the ones hiding behind massive marketing budgets and greenwashing.

Talking with consumers, they too were confused and frustrated, demanding: why wasn't finding trusted, sustainable options easier? Challenge accepted. That's where the journey to United by Zero began, but we're just getting started. Tune in weekly to hear Lex and the WSTP team talk to a new planet saver every week, and join us here at UBZ as we bridge the gap between thinking sustainably and living sustainably.